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Discussion in 'iOS Software' started by wildonrio, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. wildonrio

    wildonrio New Member

    Ok try this. In a text, try and type the word YOURE (with no apostrophe). Notice how when you get to the E, it absolutely will not let you type it. If you move your thumb around, it will shift between the W and the R to the left and right of the E, but the E will be unavailable to type. The best I've been able to type is YOURR. Ironically, after you give up and type YOURR, the predictive texting will suggest YOU'RE and if you press space, your YOU'RE will be there like you wanted.

    I don't think we notice these types of things too often since predictive texting is good enough to eventually get the word you want after you press space. Just thought I'd point out this oddity.
  2. cdinca

    cdinca Member

    that is weird! I noticed that if I delete the second r in yourr, then I can type an e to make it youre.

    Just weird.
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  4. psylichon

    psylichon Moderator

    That is an odd one. I'm sure there are more. It's like it's too busy thinking of what you want to type to actually allow you type the correct thing.

    Sometimes I wish there was the ability to change predictive text's behavior... i.e. instead of having to tap the suggestion to ignore it, it would be ignored by default unless I tapped it. As I get better at typing with the Iphone, this feature would become increasingly appreciated.
  5. Zabumafu

    Zabumafu Member

    The thing I hate most about it is the abbreviations it puts in. By far the worst is LOL, every time you type lol it goes LOL. Only thing I like about it is how the predicitive text catches on to commonly used phrases. Where I live we have something called toats hilar which is kinda an inside joke, and not when I type tots it goes toats. Kinda cool
  6. Velodog2

    Velodog2 Member

    I'm a big fan of the predictive texting capabilities and I type very fast on the virtual keyboard by 'trusting' it.

    The only contraction that continues to be an annoying problem for me is "we're". I haven't figured out how to get the phone to put the apostrophe in for me. If I don't put it in manually I get "were" no matter what I've tried. Anyone know how to do this?
  7. Hayesimus

    Hayesimus Guest

    I also was unable to select the 'D' when i moved my thumb around. weird.
  8. KNK

    KNK New Member

    I don't even try and think about typing I just trust it and it always comes out right.
  9. Hayesimus

    Hayesimus Guest

    Just use the force, Luke...
  10. Ramesh

    Ramesh Zealot

    I would think that since were is a word, you wouldn't be able to get to phone to predict we're instead of were...
  11. wildonrio

    wildonrio New Member

    Yeah I noticed that too. I wonder why it wouldn't allow D and E (the right letter!) but it's fine with Z or X or Q?
  12. Hayesimus

    Hayesimus Guest

    You ever watch that one cartoon show. Um... the wacky races or something, with penelope pitstop and dick dastardly and his dog mutley. You know how the dog would always put his paw over his mouth and be like "hehehehehe" well i'm imagining the Apple programmer in charge of the Predictive text writing the program and looking over both shoulders to see if anyone is looking and then typing on his keyboard going,"hehehehehe."
  13. csk007

    csk007 New Member

    ya thats crazy...

    well as a matter of fact you cannot type three letters....

    after typing "your"

    you cannot press

    E D T

    and another instance of this after typing "typ"

    you cannot press


    well actually i have found lots of these some are annoying when typing nouns that i come across...:gasp:
  14. KNK

    KNK New Member

    When I am at the end of the word that I mispelled but the correct type has another word I can not hit space then it will insert the wrong word. I jst add any letter then space and then backspace to put it correct.
  15. mshaw1515

    mshaw1515 New Member


    Why does it change 'pls' (as in please) to 'PLs'?

    What is PLs?
  16. robhon

    robhon New Member

    Computing: Programming languages
    Accounting: Profit and Loss statements
    Military: Patrol Leaders

    I'm sure the list could go on.

    Not sure that "pls" for please would be in a dictionary unless you add it yourself.
  17. Hayesimus

    Hayesimus Guest

    Just recently, i was trying to tell my friend that I was seeing a movie. When I was telling him who I was watching the movie with, a dude with the last name of Guck, it came across as something a little more obscene lol
  18. wildonrio

    wildonrio New Member

    And what would that be, Duck? Or maybe Buck... but those aren't obscene. Hmmm..............
  19. Hayesimus

    Hayesimus Guest

    Huck, Luck, Puck, Tuck, Yuck? hmmmm....
  20. Lincoln

    Lincoln New Member

    Alright, Hayes, I'm now going to start counting all the threads you've bumped today.

    - John
  21. Hayesimus

    Hayesimus Guest

    NOO!!! Nothing to see here. Move along. :p

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