FYI: You don't lose your music if you upgrade without music in iTunes!


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Jul 9, 2007
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Thought I was going to lose it all but didn't lose any of it.
To Add to your post sir. You don't lose ANYTHING (let me be clear, I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT THIRD PARTY APPS) (my iPhone is unmodded) when you update. The update 1.1.3 didn't erase everything like past updates have. Wow, I'm impressed, because I recently screwed up my play list's in iTunes and dreaded having to update and lose everything. My iPhone is just as it was, before the update (of course with the new Apps Apple offered also) Not erasing everything is a welcomed change to Apple's previous updates. I hope this will be the standard for all future updates. To the OP, very nice of you to post and let everyone know..Mark:laugh2: