gba emulator/rom help


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Feb 11, 2008
hey guys I just fond out about gba emulator and I thnk I also have nes emulator. How can I put game Roms in those programs to play. Like super mario? DK? Street fighter ? Can somene please help me out did a search didn't find much help thanks this is for my 1.1.3 JB iPhone with ziPhone2.3


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Feb 25, 2008
you have to google them search real hard no one has told you because were not allowed its real easy what i done was
ibrickr fix in installer from (add to your sources in installer, refresh then find ibrickr fix)
restart your phone
open up iPhonebrowser v1.5.2.0
plug in iPhone
then follow these steps
1. go to var
3.if there is a Media folder simply right click on it add folder name ROMs if there was a Media file skip to step 5
4. *only follow this step is there is no Media FILE *
if there isn't a media file there under var/root add a file called Media then right click on Media add a file called ROMs
5. on the ROMs file add a folder called GBA
open the folder GBA and add your ROMs make sure they end in .gba for example sonicadvance.gba and its a GBA file.

that is windows way because thats wot i have hope i have helped you
pm or email me if u get stuck ill help :) with roms aswel!

you need the bois file too to make it work just google for that
its a .bin file and should be called gba_bois
when you get that put it in the root applications folder look for gpsiPhone open in and frow it in there
do the bois file before the roms

good luck