General question about jailbreaking


Aug 28, 2009
Beautiful San Francisco
I came pretty close to jailbreaking my phone a few months ago, but in the end decided against it, for now. I think when it's closer to the 4G iPhone being released, I might jailbreak just to check it out and see how it is. I have a question though - the apps you get when you jailbreak are mostly free, right? and the jailbreaking programs are free, and obviously because JBing isn't official, it's just random ppl who put the JBing progs together and the apps together - my point is, what's to stop ppl from putting malicious things into those apps? Apple's apps are checked out first, but if you're jailbroken you just download apps from, well...random ppl you don't even know. I'm saying... do ppl ever get viruses from these free apps? Or do these apps ever mess up your phone? Or the JB programs, do they ever break your phone? The only thing that bugs me is there's no accountability. Say there's a post JB app for MMS - great, but if it messes up my phone, if they put malicious code in it, it's not like I can go find that company online, call them up and let them know what happened, or report them.

ppl who've jailbroken - help me out here?


Mar 31, 2008
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
IMO, this thread should be in the iPhone Modifications forum. Just an FYI for next time...

Anyway, to an extent, you're correct. These are essentially developers that were either rejected by Apple, or decide to simply release their applications immediately through Cydia (the "App Store" for the jailbreakers) instead of waiting for the Apple approval process, which is MONTHS long.

This forum is your best friend when it comes to third-party application reviews. As long as you make sure the application you're installing tells you it will work on 3.0.x or others in this forum have verified it works on 3.0.x, you should be fine.

I've never received a virus or anything malicious from a Cydia application, and I've installed LOADS of Cydia applications.

Oh! And finally, yes, most are free, and there are maybe around 10-15 applications that you must pay for.