Get mp3s from iTunes to iPhone from remote desktop

Oct 14, 2011
Any way to get (1) playlist & those mp3s in that playlist from iTunes to my iPhone many miles away from each other?
This is not music that was purchased through iTunes but my own mp3s.

I can access my computer with the playlist & mp3's via a remote desktop. Any way to export the playlist with the mp3's "what ever songs are in that playlist" from iTunes to a specific folder so I can upload them to a cloud service so I can download them and put them on my computer and iPhone 300 miles away?

any easy way of doing this?
I would hate to look at the playlist and then search my computer for those certain songs and copy and pate all of them one by one.

Dec 15, 2008
Pensacola, FL
I'm not too aware of using remote applications, but I know and I have remotely accessed my laptop using an application on my iPhone. But you also have to have that same application on the laptop you want to remotely access. As far as remotely accessing your laptop/desktop which you have already done, I am not aware of a way to then export the playlists to your iPhone without having it plugged in. You're so far away that I don't believe there is a way for this to be done.

You mentioned iCloud. Have you tried to put the music in a folder using remote desktop? But then I'm wondering how you would get the folders onto an iCloud Backup of any kind without being plugged in or near laptop. As the saying goes, 'there is always a way'. Maybe someone else has a suggestion?
Oct 14, 2011
I don't have to have it go straight to my iPhone many miles away.
I was hoping for a easy way to copy those certain mp3s to a folder. Then I can upload them somewhere to an online service than I can asscess them easily and get them on the iPhone.

I am using remote desktop with the iPhone so I did not want to seach and copy 1000 songs one by one on a little iPhone screen.

Even if I had to put different software on the computer-iphone I can do that too if it helps.