Get this screen recorder app before it's too late


Dec 7, 2011
Miami, Florida
Apple has apparently screwed up and let an app onto the App Store which "contravenes its own developer terms and conditions" (i.e. by allowing users to record streaming video from Netflix, record audio from Pandora, and the like).

The app will allow you to record your iPhone or iPad screen without the need for a jailbreak.

"So what we have with Vidyo! is essentially an application that allows users to capture their entire screen, as well as all audio being played on the device. Vidyo! offers an additional function over its primary one, which allows existing videos to be imported directly from the device’s Camera Roll and then have an audio commentary recorded over it using voice annotation, as long as the necessary privileges are provided to the device’s microphone. Users are also able to take multiple video files – whether they be purposely recorded within Vidyo! or imported from the device – and splice them all into one single file directly with the app without the need for a computer. Screen capture, audio capture, in-app video and audio editing; what more could you want on a non-jailbroken iPhone or iPad?"

The app is still on the App Store as of 2016-01-06 20:40Z.
Jan 28, 2016
Miss it, too. I don't want to jailbreak my iPhone to record a video, so I always connect the Mac and use QuickTime do that instead, which is quite troublesome, though.