Getting a Photo Folder from PC to Shared Photos

Discussion in 'iCloud' started by bkford, Jan 4, 2016.

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    I have iCloud Photos on my PC as well as on my iPad and iPhone. How do I get a folder of pictures from my PC to iCloud Photos so that I can share the folder? I can put the folder on iCloud drive (the folder contains 57 pictures), but when I am in iCloud Photos on my PC, it will not let me Edit and paste, or do anything that I know to try, to get the folder of photos into iCloud Photos, Shared. Help??
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    Move the photos into your iCloud Drive folder on your PC. Then open the iCloud Drive app on your iPad or iPhone, select the photos and choose either "Save Image" or "iCloud Photo Sharing." Saving the image will put it in your camera roll and in your iCloud Photo Library, if you have that enabled, and iCloud Photo Sharing will put it in your shared photo stream.

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