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Discussion in 'iTunes' started by guest0320, Jan 14, 2008.

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    I have imported an audiobook into iTunes.
    I cannot move it from "Music" into "Audiobooks".
    I can drag it into "Playlists" but not "Audiobooks."

    What step am I missing?

    Also, is it possible to convert the 650MB cda files to mp3?

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  4. Alderete

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  5. guest0320

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    Thank you very much.

    So I wasn't stupid!

  6. guest0320

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    Hey Alderete

    Respond to this post so I can thank you again!
    I would NEVER have figured that out!

  7. guest0320

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    Hey Chris (Administrator)

    Should this be stickied?

    Sorry if this is the improper way to ask.

  8. guest0320

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    I can't believe that I might have made a contribution to this website.

    In one of the above links about audiobooks, it said:

    <<<For whatever reason, Apple has decided — in both iTunes and on the iPod — that a true audiobook must be in either’s .aa format or in Apple’s .m4b Protected AAC format. Anything else, and it won’t show up in the Audiobooks menu.
    So, to get your audiobooks to show up there, you need to trick iTunes and your iPod into thinking the tracks are stored in that format. On Windows, this is easy enough to explain and understand, but the process is labor-intensive. You need to change the file extension for every track in the audiobook from .m4a to .m4b, and then play a few seconds of each track after renaming.>>>

    Since I don't have a Mac, to access the info on my Dell, I had to highlight the track, which I created from the above link and right click.
    When I right clicked I scrolled down and noticed that there was an option convert to ACC, just like mentioned above. So I did.

    Once I converted it, I couldn't see what the file extension was, so (since there wasn't properties tab-and since I am on a PC I thought the only way I could look at it through Windows Explorer.
    I opened that and saw that the file was m4a, which itunes will not accept.
    So I hit rename and renamed it m4b, got the danger message (unstable) which I ignored, and voila!

    An audiobook on a Windows machine converted to a format that iTunes will accept.

    I hope I am not copying someone else's work here, I cannot believe I figured something out by myself.

  9. Sheryl22

    Sheryl22 New Member

  10. oh I need help with converting mp3 to audiobooks. Ok.....I have the Harry Potter series of audiobooks and I want to put them on my iphone. I import them in as ACC and they are saved as m4a. I can convert them fine, i got that part. my problem is the titles and chapters. when they are imported they may have a different author such as Jim Dale (who is the reader) instead of J.K. Rowling. and they are not all titled the same such as Chapter 01a, Chapter 01B etc. I renamed them to be Chapter 01 a, Chapter 01 b, Chapter 02 a, Chapter 02 b, etc. And I put them all in a file named the title of the book. I add that folder to the audiobooks, but when it gets there is when it is all messed up. it goes back to the way they were imported from the cd. I end up with the book split into about 3 or 4 books. what am i doing wrong?
  11. garykirsten63

    garykirsten63 New Member

    I have taken a look to the link. It has a very good variety of books. Categorised very simply. Have already grab some.Thanks for sharing.
  12. ok i'm getting closer. I did the "join cd tracks" when I ripped the audio books. I also did a right click and put the artist and album name the same. I put all the files into a folder and made them .m4b's. when I add the folder to my library, i now have one audiobook for the book instead of 3 or 4. my problem now is after I sync, and i goto the audiobook on my iphone, i have 17 cds, but they all show part 1 of 19, no disk number. that is on the first book. on the second, it split it into 5 audio books and they all have the same numbers 1 of etc as the other book. how do I know what goes where? in Itunes it is all together in one folder.
  13. Jack Green

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    finding marked places in long audiobooks, SayAgain
  14. blasted

    blasted New Member

    I have all harry potter series in the p4b format but the last 4 the bigger books don't play on my iphone anyone help
  15. blasted

    blasted New Member

    sorry that should be m4b format, I also have the same issue with the lord of the rings they play in Itunes but not on my phone please help
  16. blasted

    blasted New Member

    looking for help. I'm able to download my audiobooks and transfer them to my Iphone however the bigger books dont play what am I missing.
  17. Lokki

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    Use MelodyCan to convert audiobooks . Works Perfect . ))
  18. sunnybee

    sunnybee New Member

    Now, in 2012, this is really easy .... highlight the titles, rightclick, chose: get info, here chose the tab options and set media types to audiobook ... voila: the books appear in the audiobook library.

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