"glowing battery"


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Jul 13, 2007
South Florida
my battery has always charged full and i have nerver had an issue wih battery life before. Then the day i hear about this glowing battery feature that is supposed to happen when the battery has completely charged. So i figured it must be a software issue, nothing a restore wont fix. Two restores later the se issue is still coming up. I have yet to hack my phone, unless you call the trial of ringtone maker hacking. Which i know some of you obsessive/compulsive's out there see it in some way similar to jailbreak.


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Jul 1, 2007
plug it in the wall, fully charge it... and if it won't go all the way then put it in the computer.

that's what I did and it always worked.

But ever since I got a case, I couldn't use the dock and putting the charger straight on the iPhone actually made it charge all the way all the time. On the wall, and on the computer. no more issues for me.
You may already have the glowing battery when it is charged and you may not even know it. The battery will have just the slightest tinge to it around the outline of it. You really have to compare the green full battery and the green 100% recharged battery side by side to see the slight difference.