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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by AversaS, Jul 5, 2010.

  1. AversaS

    AversaS New Member

    I have an iPhone 3GS running iOS 4. My Gmail was working fine up until today. For some reason, I cannot get my mail, and the error I get says:

    Cannot Get Mail
    The user name or password for "" is incorrect.

    I tried changing my password, did not work. I've tried restoring my phone, still does not work. I've tried changing the imap and pop settings. Still nothing works. I am also having the same issue with my Mail on my MacBook. All of my other accounts with Gmail are working fine on both, except for my main one.

    When I log into my account through the Gmail website, everything works fine. It's strictly when I use either my MacBook or iPhone Mail icon.

    Please help. It's been nearly 24 hours since I've had access to my email with my iPhone.

    Operating system (e.g. WinXP): OS X / iOS 4
    Program and version you use to access Gmail (e.g. Internet Explorer 7 or Outlook 2003): Mail
    Your antivirus software (e.g. Norton 2007): N/A
    Any extensions, toolbars or plug-ins: N/A
  2. kokogirl

    kokogirl New Member

    This happens to the gmail on my phone sometimes. Go to settings, mail, pick the gmail account, next screen will let you into account info, reenter the password on the incoming mail server, under outgoing mail server-click that, next screen says primary server-click that, put your password in there again. Hope this helps.
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  4. surfer

    surfer Member

    I hope this isn't insulting; have you entered all your email pop and smtp information?
  5. AversaS

    AversaS New Member

    When I try this, I can get to the outgoing server, as well as the primary server, but when I go to punch in my information, everything is grayed out, and I am unable to click in there.
  6. AversaS

    AversaS New Member

    Also, I am not sure if it matters, but my phone is NOT jailbroken. This is so frustrating. I see a lot of cases on the internet of this happening, and no fixes. I've posted on Googles support forums, but there is no help there...there help is a joke. I've also posted on Apple with no return for help. I've tried every suggestion from other people's problems, and nothing is resolving this issue. I've seen a few cases on here where people came for help and it sure hope we can get this.
  7. Krunk83

    Krunk83 Zealot

    Have you tried deleting the gmail account and re-establishing it? If that doesn't work, restore to a NEW phone and try again.
  8. AversaS

    AversaS New Member

    Yes, I've tried deleting the acct. Really? A full new restore is my only option now? :(
  9. Krunk83

    Krunk83 Zealot

    Yes. If it doesn't work you can always restore again to your back up.
  10. Hawk

    Hawk Genius

    Before restoring, is the account Active? What I mean by this is if you go into Mail accounts and settings, and you select the account, it should have the option to use or not use the account. Make sure that it's active. If that is not helping, you can try deleting all the mail accounts and then under the resets menu, select "reset all settings". This does not affect data, just restores all the phone settings back to stock. Maybe that will unlock whatever is blocking you from accessing the SMTP settings.
    If you do delete the account(s), try setting up your gmail as IMAP (if you haven't done this before)
    IMAP Setup:
    Delete the accounts for Gmail. Go into settings and add new account, but select Other- NOT gmail.
    Here is the information you will need:
    1) Incoming Mail server:
    Username is your full email address, including the "" portion
    password is your account password.
    2) Outgoing mail server:
    Username is your full email address, including the "" portion
    password is your account password.

    The account has to verify itself before it becomes active. If it cannot verify itself, then it should give you some idea as to what is wrong (ie., bad password, wrong username from mis-typing)

    This particular setup is the IMAP setup for Gmail, which means it will emulate your folders and sync to your gmail account every time you access it on your phone.
  11. AversaS

    AversaS New Member

    So my account was down all day today. I just tried it again before I went to restore it..and much like that sound you hear in your car that goes away on the way to the shop, suddenly that error message disappeared and my mail loaded up. CRAZY! Over 2 days of being down, multiple tries to fix...and it just magically fixes itself. Ugh! I wonder if this is an Apple thing or Gmail thing...
  12. AversaS

    AversaS New Member

    Strike That. I am still having issues on both my computer AND my iPhone!
  13. AversaS

    AversaS New Member

    I did this. I came up with the same general error:

    Cannot Get Mail
    The User Name or password for "" is incorrect.
  14. AversaS

    AversaS New Member

    On a different note, I just did a complete restore, and the email address is still acting up. I set it up as a new phone and everything. I ended up just restoring it from a back up after that. I am not sure what to do now. I am just at a complete loss.
  15. bikerkippie

    bikerkippie New Member

    Not sure if anyone still has this problem, but I get that message every now and then for one of my gmail accounts, and this is how I fix it. Thought I'd share.
    (Please keep in mind that this only fixes it for a few months or so, and it will eventually come back, but then you can simply apply the fix again and you're good to go for a couple of month, which is better than nothing :) )

    On your iPhone (!) , go to the following page:

    Insert your email address (including the extension), your password, and the code underneath, then click on Unlock. Then try your gmail account again. You shouldn't have to remove it from your email accounts first, this should work straight away. Good luck!

    PS: I found this solution on
  16. Hawk

    Hawk Genius

    Thanks! I think that the reason that you have to do the captcha at all is because someone attempted to access the account.
    Twice in the past 3 weeks I have gone through this and once, whomever it was was successful in sending mail as me, but Google blocked them all, from getting past the smtp server. Stranger still is that most of the emails were in Chinese.
  17. CASEACE79

    CASEACE79 Member

    Worked like a charm. Don't know what it was but it's fixed. Ty
  18. Sharunda

    Sharunda Genius

    Okay, there is actually a fix for this? This happened to me when I got my new iPhone 4S. I thought it was because I got the new iPhone. I did what it asked and put the passwords in. Funny enough all of my passwords were gone too. Once I did that, emails worked like a charm and no more error messages.
  19. ecoenergygirl

    ecoenergygirl New Member

    Another thing to consider is if you use the secondary security for gmail, where you get a code on your phone if the computer is not recognized.

    I did, and now the native email to bothiPad and iPhone does not recognize my password.
    So I'm looking into taking the layer off.

    Eta- aha! Get an application specific password from google help.
    I was able to use it on both apple devices.
    All mail functioning.
  20. StarPuppy

    StarPuppy New Member

    After reading all of the above and having no success with any of these remedies, I took my iPad and iPhone to the Apple store and met with a Genius. This is what they did and it fixed both of my products:

    For people like myself, who need a step by step...

    Go to SETTINGS
    select your GMAIL account, and DELETE the account
    use MICROSOFT EXCHANGE instead of Gmail
    Under email, type your email address
    Username: type your email address again
    Password: Your email password
    then hit NEXT
    follow prompts to save this new email account

    You'll be getting your email through the EXCHANGE account and not through Gmail.

    Apparently, you will still get your Gmail, but you're using a different way of accessing the account. The Genius who helped me today said sometimes there's a problem with the Apple product and Gmail communicating and this seems to bypass the problem.

    It can be very frustrating. I can usually figure things out within a few hours, so I knew that when I couldn't figure this out I just needed to make an appointment with the Genius bar. They're awesome. I took my iPad and I followed exactly what they were doing on my iPhone.

    Hope this helps.
  21. Leo Renard

    Leo Renard Zealot

    I do this because it also enables PUSH emails on gmail.

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