Gmail POP question

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Sep 24, 2007
i'm new to this pop email thing, so please forgive the dumb question.

it seems to me that my emails on my iPhone differ from the ones in if i delete a message from my iPhone, it still shows up at and vice versa.

am i setting things up incorrectly?

thanks in advance.


New Member
Jul 1, 2007
No that's correct. That's the way POP email works. The email gets downloaded to the phone. An IMAP service is what you are looking for. IMAP emails are not downloaded, but actually seen from the server. The administrator can choose whether or not to allow deletes from the iPhone to permanently delete the email from the server.

All in all though your Gmail is working as it should.
Sep 24, 2007
thanks a lot for the quick reply!

a few follow up questions if i may.

in settings -> mail -> gmail account -> advanced, there's a section under deleted messages. you can choose to "Remove" the email never, or 1 day, etc. what does that do?

also, below the deleted messages section, there's a "delete from server" item. what does that do?

dang i'm confused.

thanks again for the help.