going to Apple store, need to know what to say to get a new one, here's my story...


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Jul 13, 2007
South Florida
i was totally against jailbreaking iPhones because of all the problems i heard about and bricking them, until i say a friends who had done his and i saw all the cool things you could do, so i gave in and jailbroke my phone to 1.1.3 and had it on my phone for 2 months or so. and last night i really started re-thinking myself and tried a restore. so i went to iTunes waited for it to recognize my phone, then clicked the restore button. it said it would take a little while so i left, came back and it said there was an error. so i tried it one more time. restore. went past the file size that it stopped on last time so i figured it would be ok. so i left it on my desk and went to sleep thinking in the morning it would be ok. so i checked my computer in this morning and it said it was still restoring and my phone had the little spinny thing at the bottom of the screen spining still. so i just left it alone until i came home from school to find it doing the same thing. so i restarted my computer and tried to re-do the restore. it started going through the correct things until it pops up "the iPhone "iPhone" could not be restored. an unknown error occurred (6)" i just figured it was the 6th time it tried so. i tried once more and it came up with the same pop up. maybe there is something you can help me with? then a few hours later i tired again and after 3 or 4 minutes in "preparing iPhone for restore..." and all the green bars are all the way full, the phone gives up and leaves the screen with the silver Apple logo, and goes back to the iTunes logo and the 30 pin plug with the arrow between the two. and iTunes has a moving green bar that says "verifying iPhone software..." and nothing else happens.

what i'm trying to do is to get my iPhone to 1.1.4, without any hacking. currently my phone is in recovery mode. on iTunes, i have already downloaded the software so i click the restore button, i get through a few things in the restore process, it goes through "extracting software..." and "preparing iPhone for restore..." then when it comes to "restoring iPhone software..." the green bars are all lit up across the board, but that's the furthest i get.


Oct 23, 2007
Louisville, KY
Reinstall iTunes, then try again. Did you put the iPhone in recovery mode yourself? (by holding in power & home, letting it shut off, and leaving it held in until it turns on)


Mar 8, 2007
Columbus, GA
You need to make this same post in the iPhone modifications forum. The guys that regularly need to recover their phones read there all the time.

Good luck!