Going to Return Friends Fautly iPhone tomorrow(any tips?)

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New Member
Jun 19, 2007
Ok so my friend is on his 11 day iPhone and it started to screw up on him. Apparently it all happen when he put music on his iPhone. He doesn't have a computer so he relies on his friends computer or work's computer to put stuff in his iPhone. Well After that he said that the iPhone started to get slower, and Now the signal is screwed up on his, He already did Hard restart,Full restore, Exchanged the sim card, but he can't make calls unless he does a method. He calls someone then cancels, then waits for the signal bar to change to No Service, and then Back to Full bars, then after that he presses call back, and BAM the call goes through. LoL he says that's way to much crap to be doing on this 600+ piece of equipment.The Sim card slot doesn't seem to go all the way in either, I noticed this when He brought it to my house.

Were driving an hour and a half away to our closest Apple store Tomorrow, Any advice? Now I hear it's really easy to get them exchanged, think we'll get any BS? or Maybe say something about the Sim Card slot(it won't go all the way in) or Say it a ATT problem. We aren't leaving without a new iPhone after driving all the way over there.


New Member
Jul 11, 2007
Las Vegas, NV USA
Be honest

Be honest so they can fix the issue if they can there or later down the road for all of us. I would guess they would be more likely to replace it then just take it back. But he is within the 14 days so I don't see how even that would be an issue. Sounds like he got a really buggered unit.

Hope it all works out...