Goldangit Steve! I just want to copy the playlist!


Jun 7, 2007
I'm not trying to steal any music. I bought all of my music. I tried to back up my iTunes library when I reinstalled windows, but your freaking iTunes backup didn't work and now the only way I can get my playlist is to get it off of the iPhone. Why can't I just copy the playlist from the iPhone? Just the list. Only the organization of the songs! I just want that one !@#$#ing file that is totally not copyright protected. It's not illegal to get that. Why do you have to be such a control prick Jobs?

Anyone know of a way to get the playlist off of the phone besides developing carpel tunnel syndrome by using pen and paper? Even the iPhone PC Suite won't let me copy the playlist.
Jul 14, 2008
I use a program called iPod Access, It costs $20 but it lets you copy all playlists and music from the phone back to your computer. Smart playlists too, they just have to be reset with your custom settings for that playlist.

I'm sure there are free programs too, I just don't know of any.