Google App Update


Aug 9, 2007
So I see there is a Google update for the iPhone. Here is what the app informatin says about the update...
To provide up-to-the-minute information, Google Now turns on Location Services. Even though the icon stays on, the app has minimal battery impact:
  • the app doesn't turn on GPS. Instead, it receives passive updates from nearby cell towers and WiFi hot spots.
  • If your battery is running low, the app pauses location updates.
  • The app stays asleep unless your device moves a long distance.
If you see an impact on your battery life, please tell us about it by tapping feedback in the app settings. You can also turn this feature on and off as you like in the privacy section of the app setting.
So, how does this differ from the current app with location services turned on? The last thing I need is a negative impact on my battery because of this app. And I don't trust Google. :mad:

Thoughts? Comments?