Google Reader - vedddy niiice.


Jul 27, 2007
Atlanta, GA
This could be redundant for some but for anyone not using a good RSS feed manager you should at least give Google Reader a try.

In the past I would manage my bookmarks by putting RSS feeds at the top and the actual webpages (that take longer to load) at the bottom of my bookmark links. For example, in my "Tech" folder my top 10 links would be RSS feeds that would load quickly in the stock RSS feed manager. Below that may be another 10 links of the actual sites. Depending on coverage/wi-fi/time I have to read I would choose one or the other.

Today I was asked if I knew of a good site to manage ALL the sites a person my go to for news and I brought up Google Reader, even though I had never tried it.

I went in, setup some of my fave sites (engadget, joystiq, cnn, boy genius, BBC, etc) and let Google Reader do its thing.

I then went to and I absolutely LOVE how it manages all these feeds. If you have catagorized your feeds you can browse by new or category and even mark all read at the bottom if need be.

What I really like is that it first gives you a really small snippet and then you can click for an overview to full article but the FULL web link is always there just in case you want to see the full site.

Like I said, this may be old hat for some but for any of you out there going to 5+ sites consistenly for news,who have not tried Google Reader, I highly recommend it..



Sep 2, 2007
Austin, Tx
Google Reader is excellent, and also continually improving. It's iPhone version is very nice too.

I like its Sharing feature as well, so you can see items shared by your friends / contacts, and let them see yours ...