GoPhone Prepaid - "Pick your plan" vs. "Pay as you go"

Sep 8, 2007
On the GoPhone plans (for regular phones) there are two options:

"Pick Your Plan" -- 4 plans here starting at $29.99 with 200 minutes per month


"Pay as you Go" -- 2 options here...
(1) $1 per day (that you use it) and $.10/min
(2) flat $.25/per minute

Assuming you fail the credit check and are offered an option to activate your iPhone on a GoPhone plan...

Do you have the option of choosing the "Pay as you Go" $.25/minute plan?

I would like to have the iPhone features but rarely use it for calling...I have another phone for talking...

I'm aware that the $20 iPhone data plan would have to be added to these options, I'm just trying to find out if it gives you the option of the $.25/minute as you go and adding the $20 data package.

Basically I want a $20 a month iPhone (with slow EDGE service) for data use with very limited calling features. Thanks!

Spin This!

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May 4, 2007
Do you have the option of choosing the "Pay as you Go" $.25/minute plan?
No. Pick Your Plan is the only GoPhone option.

If you don't do that much calling, you might want to hold out for the iPod Touch and keep your current phone.
Sep 12, 2007
:eek:so u can use the iPhone as pay as u go or prepay?!?!?!i called AT&T and asked and they said NO!the iPhone requires a 2 yr. contract therfore u can not use it with eigther pre pay or pay as u go!are you?may b they didn't know hat they were talking about


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Jul 27, 2007
Enter all 9's for the ssn when signing up and at the end you will fail the credit check. Then you can choose the pay as you go plan that you want. it works pretty slick. I haven't had any issues. unlimited data and a fair amount of mins with no contract. now that the pop up message issue is fixed the only time I get a message is after a call it tells me how much was deducted from the balance.