Got brand new warranty iPhone yesterday

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New Member
Sep 21, 2007
So I go to use my iPhone yesterday and nothing. After several attampts to revive it nothing. (might have gotten wet due to being out in rain earlier). I took it to Apple store and they did their diagnostic tests and entered info into computer and handed me a new phone. I must say I was impressed since I thought they would send my phone out for repair and give me a loaner phone. Thumbs up to Apple on this excellent service.


New Member
Nov 12, 2007
yes they are good on that aspect,I have had to take a couple ipods in for repair / diagnosis in the past and they took 10 min to check it and handed over a new one,no receipt no questions...:cool:

Now microsoft and the zune...what a nightmare that was and why I do not own a zune any more...:p