Got new Comcast modem (Arris TG826G), now only two of my devices can surf the web


Dec 7, 2011
Miami, Florida
I just upgraded my Comcast Cable Modem to the Arris TG862G (it's a modem and router in one--Comcast calls it a "Gateway"). So I excitedly disconnected my Linksys E3000 router, thinking it's always great to get rid of an extra box, plus that Linksys router gets burning hot--so hot that I'm surprised it hasn't caused anything around it to reach the kindling point!

I was a little disappointed that the Arris Gateway only offers the 2.4 GHz band, but whatever. I effortlessly connected both my iMac and iPhone 5 to the wireless network created by the Arris.

However, I have two MacBook laptops, and although both appear to successfuly connect to the new wireless network, no Internet surfing whatsoever is possible. Both of the laptops also manage to acquire an IP address. I can also access the Arris Gateway's Admin Tool website from both of the laptops at the standard address, but that is the only site I can use.

I re-connected my Linksys router to provide Internet access to those two laptops that can't seem to surf using the Arris' Wi-Fi network, but as it turns out, the Linksys router doesn't give me the optimal speed (>50Mbps) that I'm getting with the Arris TG826G on my iMac. (Now I have three wireless networks going, a 5 GHz and a 2.4 GHz via the Linksys, and a 2.4 GHz via the Arris. Switching my iMac from the Arris network to the Linksys network results in decreased speeds, so the lower speeds from the Linksys are not a result of the machines being at a different distance from the router.)

Why can I only connect my iMac and iPhone to the Arris?

Incidentally, in the Arris' Admin Tool settings, under "Gateway > Connection > WiFi", I have MAC Filtering Mode set to ALLOW-ALL.

I also tried adding those two laptops' MAC addresses manually under "Manually Added Wireless Devices" on that same screen, to no avail.

The speed that I'm getting from the Linksys is by no means lousy... But I'm paying for XFINITY's 50Mbps plan, so I'd like to enjoy that speed on all my machines. And I'd really like to disconnect the Linksys and save wear and tear on it.

Any help would be appreciated.

PS: Calling Comcast is out of the question. They charge $79.95 for technical support per incident. And I'm sure I know more about this stuff than they do, anyways!
Oct 24, 2010
Denver, CO
Comcast upgraded mine as well, the range sucks. I drop down to one bar if I am lucky, most of the time I completely lose WIFI when I sit in my backyard. No issues with connecting multiple devices.


Jun 21, 2010
@Rafagon, look for a reset button on the box. Press and hold it for a fee seconds to ensure a complete reset.
Not a Comcast user myself (Verizon), but I recently had a weird problem with an iPhone that just stopped connecting to wifi at home. Tried a power cycle of the modem / router with the same problem. Did a reset and everything connects. This wasn't even a new modem/router. Weird