GPRS ( edge ) on iPhone

Sep 30, 2007
I have just finished setting up GPRS on my iPhone. I used the iPhone Dev Team hack to get it hacked and working in Hong Kong on the Smartone Vodaphone network.

To get GPRS working you'll need to go into Settings/General/Network/Edge then delete all the text entries under APN, Username and Password. Enter the word "internet" for APN and then leave the other 2 blank. Now hit the home button and de-activate wifi. Open up safari and you should be good to go. Pages load slowly (about 30 secs per page, maybe more). Also works for your weather, email, msn, stocks, google maps, etc etc.

Check this link to find out the GPRS settings for your region/carrier.

Hope this helps.



New Member
Aug 6, 2007
Depends on the site as well, some sites will just load faster than others for a number of reasons, throughput on their end, heavy graphic loads and how well the page is scripted so the browser spends less time trying to render it.

This site loads exceptionally well over an EDGE connection compared to most other iPhone forums I've tried.