Great iPad 2/3 case for $10, delivered.

Jul 14, 2008
I received my invellop smart cover/hard shell back case and here are my initial impressions.

Some backstory for perspective: Last year I bought a $40 folio case from Best Buy for my iPad 2, it was crap and I returned it immediately, and bought a cheap $15 folio and thought it was great. For $15 it was great, but after a while it wore, the outside and inner panels separated, etc. So even though it fits my new iPad, I wanted something else.

After reviewing this thread (lots of good info and opinions here) I found the invellop ( It seemed to be exactly what I wanted, a smart cover with an integral hard shell, form fitting back case.

If this case were $15, I think I would be thrilled. But for the $29.98 it cost me with shipping, I'm just not as thrilled.

In fairness to invellop, it works as advertised, the magnet issue has been resolved and the smart cover function works perfectly, but I'm a perfectionist (not proud of it, just saying') and this case is not quite perfect, a small defect in the smart cover, a small defect in the hardshell back, but they're really just minor cosmetic annoyances. The case fits and works perfectly, and its nice and slim (as opposed to my cheapie folio).

If you want a smart cover/hard shell back case without the fold out mechanics of the others featured in this thread, this it the case for you!