Hacking iPhone

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New Member
Nov 1, 2007
Well to start off this is my first post. I got an iPhone about 3 weeks ago and have version 1.1.1 and want to no if it is safe to hack the phone i don't want to unlock it because of obvious reasons but i just want to get 3rd party apps on the phone is it safe to do this or can your phone still get bricked or whatever i was hearing about please give me some info and also if it is safe what is the best way to do it thank you


New Member
Oct 26, 2007
Strong Island, NY
I did it and thought it was great but i've just run into problems ever since and I didn't even install shady programs. Eventually now my iPhone needs to be restored and it keeps closing my apps half way through it so personally I think you should wait because there might be some "bugs in the system"