Handsfree Carkit with Inductive Aerial


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Nov 2, 2007
I realise that iPhone has no aerial jack! I was wondering if any carkit exists which has some inductive device in the base of the cradle to enable an external vehicle mounted aerial to boost the iPhone reception when you are well away from the nearest AT&T cell? Such a device would require the iPhone to be mounted in the cradle since bluetooth can't transmit the aerial signal to the iPhone - at least I think that this is correct.
3G (WCDMA) can receive cell transmissions over much longer distances than GSM can, and Nokia 3G phones (without aerial jacks) have inductive carkits to enable vehicle mounted aerials to "improve" the phone reception via a metal plate set in the back of the cradle.
While such an aerial-inductive carkit will help GSM reception, it will be far more valuable when the 3G iPhone become available, for customers well away from the nearest cell?
Does a carkit exist which does this?


Aug 2, 2007
The iPhone would have to have an inductive type Aerial in order to be compatible with that type of car kit.
I will say that generally, most devices that use antenna tend to "latch on" to a point that is drawing a stronger signal, so while the iPhone is not made to work in the method you are asking about, it's possible that it might still work to some small degree. Then again, it actually might cause interference to your original signal quality as well.