Happy with Apples stance.


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Jul 16, 2010
Just watched the NBC national news iPhone press conf. Story. When they talked about the free bumper they showed a clip of someone putting on the bumper upside down. That is a microcosm of all the false negative press. They just don't get it. Oh, by the way I'm not returning mine. It is the best iPhone thus far. No problems here.


Jun 15, 2010
One of the reasons there was so much speculation is that Apple refused to actually state they were looking into the issue or that there could be issues. We were left with a few scraps from Jobs responses to emails and that was it. I still believe it's a design flaw because it's easy to reproduce, for me, holding the phone with a light grip. I held my iPhone 3G the same way and did not see the same behavior. IMO the antenna on the outside where it will easily covered/bridged by your hand. I would just appreciate a little bit of humility from Jobs and company. In think there response was mostly good but should have been done earlier.

With the being said I love the iPhone 4 and I use a case so I have few reception issues. The screen is great, it's fast, and the apps for the iPhone are still much better than for Android


Jun 22, 2010
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As I said in another post. What do you want them to do? Seriously, I`m not pointing fingers or saying some people shouldnt be pissed, but what do people honestly expect them to do? Its not like they can just simply fix it and make another 3 million phones to shell out to everyone, by the time it would take to do that iPhone 5 will be approaching. Not everyone is having problems and they are trying to do what they can at this time to make people happy, which is not an easy task.

You can always get the 3gs and if thats not good enough there are other phones on the market that may make you happy. Do people really think Apple intentionally put out a faulty phone just to have this kind of bad publicity and backlash? Come on, have you seen the pictures of the 100 million dollar iPhone testing room? Companies try to put out products that customers will love and sometimes there may be issues and they will try to fix it the best that they can. I honestly think Apple is kind of up in arms with the problems they are facing and if the uproar continues I believe they will address the issue further. We`ll see.
I had a 3GS, it doesn't even compare to my iPhone 4


Jul 9, 2007
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While I haven’t had any issues with my iPhone 4 to date and am a very happy Apple customer, I believe that today’s event was simply an attempt at PR damage control. I would have felt much better had Steve said “We have worked our butts off researching the issue, completed exhaustive testing on several other manufactures phones, evaluated the number of reported failures, and will continue to research the issue until we have a full understanding of the cause. In the meantime we will be giving out bumpers free of charge to help alleviate the issue.”


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Jun 17, 2010
So if Apple does release a "fixed" iPhone in the future, does this mean that the 0.55% of the people who have the issues won't be able to claim the antenna issue as a legitimate reason to get a replacement phone? Since Apple never actually admitted that it was a problem and now released a "fix" for it, does this eliminate the antenna issue as a reason for exchanging?