Haptic feedback; are you missing any notifications?

In another discussion regarding iPhone volume it was mentioned that an Apple watch might be a solution to not being able to hear notifications on the phone. During my test fitting I found the notifications very subtle. Perhaps I'd get used to 'looking' for them after an acclimation period but my initial concern is that I'd miss notifications.

So, I'm asking owners, do you grow accustomed to the notification feedback and feel it all the time or do you miss it sometimes, like when you're active?
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Sep 10, 2007
I do miss notifications, usually when I'm active like grocery shopping or driving in the car. If I'm just sitting around like at my desk at work or relaxing at home I don't think I miss any. There *is* an option to enable strong haptic feedback, which precedes the normal haptics by one strong pulse, but I haven't felt the need to turn that on yet.

Michael Baturin

Jul 11, 2007
South Jersey
I find I miss them for a couple reasons, although I do have the prominent Haptic feedback set to ON.

1. Sometimes they just stop coming! I'm used to it - the Pebble was the same way. Usually a quick opening of the Apple Watch app on the iPhone resolves the issue. This is much easier than the fix on the Pebble which required me to re-pair it.
2. It is very slight. I enjoy the stealthiness of it. No one knows I got a notification but me. But sometimes, even I don't because I miss the light taps.