Hard or soft?


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Jul 13, 2008
What do you think is better for the iPhone (3g)? Right now i have a "Zcover" silicone case cause i believe it will protect better from the shock of drop and keep scratches off. I don't think ive ever had a hard case for a phone

what does everyone here use/prefer?
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Oct 31, 2007
I prefer a rubberized hard case for styling and feel pulling it out of my pocket. Although I had a silicon case for a long time... probably dropped it almost a dozen times from about 4 feet to pavement (off my lap in the car) before the camera went wonky on me. zero scratches. I'd say that's pretty good protection. I'm way better with my phone these days, but I've dropped it a couple times in the hard case and no problems so far.
Mar 30, 2008
Elizabethtown, Kentucky
Definitely soft man;)
-What I've learned being here and from reading the "Disapointing Agent 18 case pics" is that Hard cases generally do more harm than good.

I mean I know Hard cases are supposed to protect it from falls and other damage, but in all seriousness who really drops their iPhone so much that they have to buy bulky cases that'll protect it from 20+ falls a day:p You get what I'm saying?
+ when if/when you finally do accidentally drop your iPhone these Hard case still don't protect and will either cause even more damage to the phone with a cracked screen, or break along with iPhone so. . . . .

So go with the soft-case :)
-Cause it will provide better grip (preventing a drop in the first place), keep most of the awesome looks, easier access to screen, accelerometer still responsive, and lastly easier to clean, cause dirt can still get under it of course.

Btw I thought of all those by myself lol! ME WANTS THANKS:TOUNGE:
Jun 23, 2008
Honolulu, Hawaii
Isn't the dust and dirt that gets caught underneath the case is what scratches the phone, and not the case itself? I've heard of people getting silicone cases and still getting their phone scratched.

I suppose ANY case that covers most of the phone will need to be cleaned every so often. The only thing about silicone is that dust and lint tend to get stuck to it very easily.


Jul 5, 2008
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Keep in mind that if you want to keep your phone in your pocket and use one of those silicon cases (soft rubbery feel), you will have a difficult time putting it in your pocket or taking it out. The rubbery case "sticks" to your pocket lining and (many times) turns your pocket inside-out when pulling it out.

That's the main reason I wouldn't have a soft silicon case.


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Jul 12, 2008
well, i have 3 types of cases coming.
Hard clear case, hard black rubberized case, 2 x clear silicone cases and also the clear film for the front.
One for every 2 days :)
See how it goes.


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Jul 13, 2008
I was using Contour Showcase with my V1 iPhone. I like the look of the hard black rubber on the side and clear plastic on the back to show off my iPhone but that thing scratch the chrome rim of iPhone like no tomorrow. I also have to use holster some time especially when I have to use the head set(normally I just put my iPhone in my jean pocket) and my iPhone just fall off of the holster while I was running. I still can't find my iPhone since then. :mad:

For 3G I order Nu Form as hard case, Bestskinsever for protection and go naked and Belkin belt clip case when I need to use head set. I'm not sure which I'm gonna go with.


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Apr 30, 2007
ive had both the soft cases and hard cases. i prefer the hard cases for the same reasons that eye-fone says, its easier to take out of the pocket without either using two hands and/or keeping your pocket inside your garment.

currently i have the seidio innocase II (burgundy, WOOHOO) and its felt lining keeps the majority of the rear casing scratch free from bits and pieces that get lodged between the rear back and the casing.

i gave my iskin revo off to a friend, and while it was a VERY good case, the whole getting stuck in the pocket thing put me off a lot. i do feel the silicon/soft cases do protect the device better in the event of a fall, but its trade-offs to a hard case don't win over the hard case for me.

if getting a silicon case, i recommend getting the transparent full body skin (bestskinsever.com, bodyguardz.com) IN ADDITION TO the silicon case. this will keep the phone from being scratched while inside the silicon/soft case yet wont add much bulk.