Has anyone thought of leaving IPhones?

Mar 1, 2019
I have used Apple products for 10 years if not more. A few months ago my Apple Watch came a part. I called Apple Customer Service and was told there “was” a re-call however it was over. I asked how it could be over when I never received notification via e-mail or US mail? Yet, on all the darn corporate greed holidays Apple loads my e-mail with advertisement of new products. The manager agreed and my Apple Watch was repaired. A month ago my daughter’s Beats by Dre...the quality did not look good. This is the third pair I purchased. The other two, for myself and other daughter. The current pair are wireless as well however the quality does not look as good. However as for the pair me and my other daughter have perfect.

I learned that Apple owned Beats by Dre. I called Apple Customer Service. The representative was trying to have me explain to her what was wrong with the Beats. This is why I hate purchasing things and then later finding out you cannot go to a store and talk to someone in-person. The Beats were tearing a part around the edges. Was I next suppose to measure the tears??? Then I asked for a manager. I mentioned the situation with my Apple Watch. The manager had the audacity to tell me that individuals that purchase Apple products should check Apple’s website for recalls. I said, “so customers are suppose go to Apple’s website everyday to check for recalls?” The manager said yes. I told her then Apple should stop sending out advertisement. If individuals are interested in purchasing Apple products they will go to Apple’s website. . At this point I cannot stand behind a company that has this type of behavior. I do have many, many Apple products. I’m looking to change my phone once my 7 Plus is no longer working or I come across a good offer on another non-Apple device.

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rom x

Jan 18, 2011
my personal opinion is that samsung care is about the best customer service you will get for repairs. they will actually go to your home or office and repair or replace the phone. so no need to go to the apple store anymore.