Have fun with this iPhone "game"


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Aug 13, 2007
I imagine that plenty of forum members spend time showing off their iPhone to friends and acquaintances--I know I do. Well this is a very fun "game" to entertain them...and entertain yourself in the process.

This is the YouTube video you want:

On your phone...

Select YouTube and then search on Japan Highway. Play the "game" yourself and then bookmark the video.

Next time you are busy showing off your iPhone, say to your friend/acquaintance/hapless victim, "Oh, this is a great game. You are on a motorcycle driving through the traffic in Tokyo. The game works through your body movement. The most important thing is: you can't crash. Okay, to go faster, lean forward. To slow down, lean back. Lean to the right to go right, lean to the left to go left. That's it. Have fun!"

Then fire up the video on YouTube, hand the iPhone to your friend/acquaintance/hapless victim and stand back and watch. Try not to laugh out loud. Warning...the video is almost 13 minutes long. Note: the instructions are important. You have to tell people they can't crash, otherwise they tend to figure out the trick right away.

My partner dreamt this up. We've had lots of harmless funs with our friends/acquaintances/hapless victims playing this "game." Hope you enjoy!



Sep 18, 2007
you are evil sir, pure evil :D

i think i saw another "game" to fool people having something to do with fingerprints. anyone know what i'm talking about?