haven't lost hope, though still not activated


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Jul 1, 2007
I just talked to some AT&T rep, she looked at my account and said I had no iPhone data package added (I am an existing customer). She said she added it and then transferred me to the "sync" department - where I am now on hold.

I would suggest calling to make sure you have the iPhone data plan added forsure, a lot of people selected it but it was never added it seems.

The # I called is 877-419-4500
Got right through on that number. Interesting thing is the guy I talked to had to get permission to talk to me since that call center is in Arkansas and I'm in Little Rock.
I got two iPhones one for me and one for my wife. I started my activation Friday night and waited to do hers Sat morning. She had to move over from Alltel and I'm an existing ATT/Cingular phone user. You guessed it... Her phone is activated and mine is still in purgatory along with you guys.
I did find out there was a problem switching over from my blackberry to the iPhone. The nice tech corrected that and said I should be going soon... I'm not holding my breath.

Denny Crane

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Jun 29, 2007
I'm in the same boat as you are....

long time browser, first time poster.

as of 7am sunday morning, est, still not activated.

tried switching sim cards, but nothing, though i did get a confirmation number early this morning that i never got before.

3rd in palm coast florida to get 8gb from att store. existing customer. went online at 630pm friday night to activate and got caught in endless loop.

some good news:

after talking to att tech support numerous times, they credited my account $8 -- not sure where they came up with that figure -- and then again last night, after finally losing patience (it had been 25 hours and counting) i insisted they refund me the $36 activation fee which they finally agreed too.

spoke to an Apple rep in jacksonville and he said if i am not activated by monday, i am more than welcome to return the phone with NO restocking fee. this is the last thing i want to do.

long time Apple fan...have waited for the iPhone for months like everyone else here and have followed all the news, forums, etc.

have not lost faith in Apple or att -- they have been completely overwhelmed and no matter how prepared either of them have been, there of course will be hold ups, albeit long hold ups, with any new product. this is new for both Apple and att, so there will be snags at both places.

the att store was very nice to me through the entire buying process and on my returns ...so has phone tech support, and Apple as well.

i have been without a phone since friday night and really don't expect to be up and running until monday afternoon. if not by then, then i will have to re-think my next move.

i'm mostly writing to let those of you in the same situation as me know that you are definitely not alone - even if you aren't hearing from a lot of ppl -- some just haven't posted, like myself.

i'll keep the faith until failure seems inevitable.

thanks to those of you who have provided invaluable information.

i'll let you know what happens next.

I was third in line at my store and am still not up. I am on the phone with someone right now and they aren't sure how to fix the issue of the data plan not flowing through to the account. She said that when she tries to add it that the system requires her to remove the "internet capability" before she can add the plan. I assume she means my Treo 750 data plan, which she said is indeed no longer on the account.

I haven't requested credits yet, although that is next.