HD Voice coming to AT&T


Dec 7, 2011
Miami, Florida
All Things D reports that HD Voice will be coming over to AT&T later this year. I hope they don't spend too much money on this. Personally, I think it's more important to get LTE in as many markets as possible before worrying about this HD Voice feature.

According to the article, HD Voice will require routing "voice calling over AT&T's LTE network," so if they want as many people as possible to enjoy HD Voice, it seems that it would behoove AT&T to light up LTE in as many places as possible.

As I've posted on numerous occasions, my LTE speeds right in the heart of Miami--about 15 minutes away from downtown Miami--are pathetic. My "Enable LTE" option is perennially set to OFF. It personally doesn't affect me very much due to ready access to Wi-Fi, but I'm sure there are others with poor LTE speeds who aren't exactly thrilled. The number of people on LTE devices is increasing rapidly. The number of people on HD Voice devices is quite smaller.

But I really don't wanna knock HD Voice. It will be great if you want to play your classical music SACDs and hold your iPhone 5 in your home theater's audio "sweet spot" so that the person you're talking to will be able to hear each and every note played by the harpsichord. :D


Oct 16, 2008
The Great State of WV.
I'm curious what HD voice sounds like. How much data does it use?
Over wireless data I can't honestly say, but my company uses a HD IP Telephony phone system and its spooky good. On speakerphone, it sound like the callers are in the room. They can't tell it's a speakerphone.

Same on conference calls. You can, however, pick out the cell phones on these conference calls.

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Jul 19, 2007
I don't think that HD Voice calls will be billed against our data plan. Our current conversations are also digitized and transmitted, but those count towards our data plan...
I hope so, I just don't trust telecomm companies and their never ending thirst for squeezing every penny out of us :D