Help, 10.5 Max CPU and so store.


Jun 11, 2010
After upgrading my Win 7 64bit system to 10.5 yesterday I found when I click store it never shows anything. It shows the progress for a bit at the top but then goes away and it is just a blank white page. Then I noticed my CPU was at 100% Task manager shows Mobile Device service, ASP Deamon and iTunes all maxing out the CPU. If I start iTunes and do not click on store then only Mobile Device Service gets maxed every time, sometimes ASP Deamon does as well. As soon as I click store iTunes hits max.

I uninstalled iTunes following, deleted iTunes installer cache as well, uninstalled Java, applied all Windows updates including IE9, updated video driver, ran CCleaner till no more errors. Installed latest Java, installed iTunes 10.5 (64bit installer) and still get the same thing. iTunes 10.4 was running fine.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what to do?