help, AT&T contract on 3GS


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Aug 9, 2009
hey, i want to go and upgrade to an iPhone 3gs, i went to AT&T and they told me they would witht he 2 year contract...the problem is that, i want to keep switching between the iPhone and an old cellphone that i have, now the guy at AT&T told me that they wouldn't give me a sim card with the iPhone! they said they will activate it wirelessly or some crap like that without a questions are:

1.will they really not give a sim card?
2.if they do give me a sim, can i put it in an other phone and still avail the connection to make calls, text etc? i need to keep switching between phones, so will the sim work on another phone? i will pay the contract and everything

All AT&T iPhone users please help


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Aug 14, 2007
I swap my sim card all the time. I have my iPhone during the day and when i am out at night or Hiking in the woods, I switch to an old Nokia. I would rather lose an old phone then my iPhone.

PS. buy from Apple store, they are so much more professional then an ATT store. I went to ATT once and all they did was try to lie, cheat and steal.


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Dec 12, 2008
The iPhone will come with a SIM, but they may remove it and put your old one in it if it's a 3G SIM. If they don't put your old one in it, the new one (that comes with the iPhone) will activate through iTunes and the old one will deactivate. All GSM (AT&T and T-Mobile are GSM carriers) phones need SIM cards. You can swap it between phones as you like. You eject the SIM tray with the included SIM ejector tool, but a paper clip works just fine if you don't have one.