help choosing an installer


Jan 11, 2008
I just restored my phone (1.1.1), then I rebooted with Jailbreak.jar because I'm using Mac. Using Safari, I went to, and "Install AppSnapp". I'm assuming that this installed the latest version, because I'm getting the same issue as before. Installer opens, I see the white screen, only now I have to hold the home button to return to the "Home Screen".

I don't know anything about other installers to use. I have Fugu, but have no idea how to use it (yeah I'm an amateur). Don't know what an SSH is, or how it comes into play.

So I'm looking for another installer. AppSnapp was super simple, you just go to and install it. Are there other installers that are as simple, so a novice like me can install them?

Any advice is welcome, thanks in advance.