Help deciding on iPhone


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Feb 21, 2008
Hello everyone... new forum user here.I am getting ready to switch to AT&T so I can get an iPhone. I spoke with a sales guy at the Apple store though, and now hesitate due to a few things. For instance, he said there is no disk mode. But I found a 3rd party app to get around that. I throw these items out in case there are workarounds someone can shed some light on for me. Thanks!1. No ability to add a microSD card (I'll accept that one)2. Wi-Fi is only for Net, I can't connect to my network and transfer files that way.3. Can't store/take files with you (such as a PDF of my résumé; I found prog called TouchCopy to do this, but I'm not sure I can the access it from the email app to attach it.)4. Contacts will sync with my Outlook, but not all the fields (the Notes for instance)?5. Is there a flash player in the iPhone?6. Can I at least download in compatible file types for viewing later in my desktop? (WMV files or EXE files for instance)Sorry for such a long post... Any feedback though is really appreciated!


Jan 8, 2008
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Welcome to EIC!

The iPhone is a great phone. In a few weeks SDK will be out and a lot of what you are looking for most likely will be available. If you need to carry files around like a resume my suggestion is get a thumb drive. They are dirt cheep these days and can fit on your key chain. You can also just get a gmail account and store all you pdfs there. Not sure why any of your complaints would stop you from getting a iPhone.


Nov 10, 2007
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welcome to EIC. I would just go ahead and buy it like say today. You will not be disappointed. Like mentioned earlier once sdk comes out this phone will be even better.


May 16, 2007
I think you will find that the iPhone isn't the "do-it-all" that many other devices claim to be, but what it can do it does very well.

You will find some workarounds out there. There is currently no Flash support. For something like your resume, you CAN just email it to yourself and pull up the attachment to view, but it won't let you upload it to another computer easily. Anyway, the iPhone is designed as an entertainment device first and foremost and isn't for the heavy businesss user, although it can function in that world. It is heavily locked down by design, which is why the whole file transfer thing isn't there, and it doesn't support all of the major bluetooth profiles (like file exchange or A2DP for stereo music listening.) It also doesn't even have MMS or copy and paste.

I have used Palms and Windows Mobile/Pocket PCs for years, and I moved to the iPhone knowing full well that I would be giving up some functions that my other devices could do (even if they caused the phone to crash regularly or I would miss calls, etc.) I am happy to use a phone that actually functions as a phone (my home phone, even!) all of the time and still lets me do what I need on the internet. Everyone has their own expectations... if you expect the iPhone to do it all, you will be disappointed.

That's my 2 cents... good luck on your decision!