Help I'm back from the darkside.


Jan 22, 2012
Ok I've been on the darkside for 6months just bought a new ip6 but I did still have my iPad which had all my music and films and pics I have also had a virus on my laptop which is fixed but it was wiped so iTunes was lost my problem is only four of the sixty albums are showing up on the iTunes app I've set up on my laptop and when I restored my new ip6 it's only got those four albums even though my iPad has the full sixty how do I get all my music and films and pics back onto my iTunes account on my laptop then on to my new ip6 sorry if this isn't making much sense also my ip6 is still saying its restoring from iCloud after an hour or more any advice would be good. Hope I've put this ? In the correct place... Not sure if this has any bearing but when I first got an iPhone 4 I opened a iTunes account with one email address then when I got my first iPad 2 it wouldn't let me use that I'd so had to create another separate account for the iPad but I've heard you no longer need to have separate id's is this right ... Thanks for reading hope you can help.paul.