Help iPhone 3.0 and iTunes 8.2 talking to each other


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Jun 12, 2009
I upgraded before i knew what it would mean if i did. But thats the past so i moved forward. 3.0 os and iTunes 8.2 its been about 4 days now since my last restore and change up to a jailbroken iPhone.
I used redsnow and everything seems to be working fine. the app i have installed is redsnow what it installs at that moment when jailbreaking and SBsettings. nothing else since i don't have a reson o just yet.Personally i want to get a feel of the new OS before i make change that could possibly affect it. It so slow starting up now it reminds me of a commadore 64.
So the phone did not have any problems with talking to iTunes until today.iTunes hangs pretty bad for about 30 to 45 secs then tells me it see the iPhone but it "iTunes can't identify it". *smile* Well while trying to get it to connect for i think the 6 time now before i started this so i can type exactly what it says when it hangs. and it connected. i thought about not writing this but then i might have this problem again.
If someone out there has experienced this or knows what may be happening I would really appricate the help in making sure it wont happen again.


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Dec 29, 2008
yeah man,

same same. Takes ages then says not identified. It does sync though, soI can live with it. Only seems to do it sometimes though.

C64 rocked!