Help! iPhone says "No SIM card installed"

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by xpxixpy, Jul 13, 2007.

  1. xpxixpy

    xpxixpy New Member

    My iPhone has been working fine but since last night I've not been able to use the phone or Edge. When I try to use the phone it says "No SIM card installed". On the upper left of the screen it says "No SIM." I turned the iPhone off and back on to no avail. I also removed and inserted the SIM card.
    Anyone have any suggestions?
    An Anxoius iPhone Owner
  2. Platinum

    Platinum New Member

    You know the exact same thing happened to me yesterday... I had my phone about a week and no issues, then all of the sudden I wake up and it said "No Sim". I took it in and out a few times with no luck, then I went to the AT&T store and got a new SIM - went through the activation agian (which only took like 2 mins) and it was fixed. Maybe the heat from the phone damages the sim card or something. You should get a new sim and it should be fine.
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  4. xpxixpy

    xpxixpy New Member

    My phone did seem especially hot last night. I attributed it to my leaving Wi-Fi on for hours even though I wasn't literally using it (some of this time it was in my pocket or I was charging it). In general, should the iPhone not be stored in your pocket?

    I'll call my AT&T store when they open to see if they have the iPhone SIM card.

  5. 420greg

    420greg New Member

    It is the same sim card they put in all of their phones. They will have one.
  6. alb0zf1n3st

    alb0zf1n3st New Member

    I go between from leaving it in my pocket to my case .. it does get hot at times .. Many keep it in their pockets I hope this doesnt start to happen alot..
  7. Platinum

    Platinum New Member

    I always leave my phone in my pocket and in the rubber InCase, Ill see if it happens agian. They will have a sim just go there, the iPhone uses a regular AT&T sim card which they have a ton of.
  8. ccr78

    ccr78 New Member

    I doubt it is because of the heat.

    It is not uncommon for cell phones of all makes and models to get the "Insert SIM" Message. I got it on my blackberry, slvr, razr, and multiple cheap flip phones.

    Take your phone by the AT&T store and tell them it says "Insert SIM" and they will replace it with a new one. You'll be in and out in a few minutes.
  9. xpxixpy

    xpxixpy New Member

    As a follow-up, I got a new SIM card, reactivated my iPhone through iTunes, and everything is working fine. Thanks for those that helped earlier today when I was very concerned.
    The AT&T manager said that mine was the first iPhone to have a SIM problem she knew of, so hopefully it was a very isolated incident.
  10. alb0zf1n3st

    alb0zf1n3st New Member

    Congrats glad to see you got it working.. enjoy .. Just quick question was activation quick??
  11. xpxixpy

    xpxixpy New Member

    Yes, activation was very quick (< 60 seconds I think).
  12. ColsTiger

    ColsTiger Zealot

    I had to replace my sim to get it activated on the 30th. Evidently there were a few that had problems on the initial batch.
  13. truetrax

    truetrax New Member

    sim card problems they dont want you to know about

    i been having the same problem all of the sudden my iphone wich was working fine says no sim card inserted so i call att they say its a phone problem so i go to the "genius" bar where the genius told me its an att problem so of course i asked for the manager n explaind to the stupid sim card came in the box i bought from them so they are responsibe for it so after that he coughed up a new sim card "which he said they dont do " so then i call att in the morning tell them i have a new sim they try to applie it to my account with no luck it turns out its registered to another i phone or some thing they tell me i have to go inperson to pick one up at a corporate store wich i do ... get home try to activate my phone with it n get a message saying i cant use an i phone with this account so i call att for the fifth time stay on the phone with them for hours noone there can figuer this
    out they tell me to open a new account and that the "genius" at apple should of replaced my phone so 5 days 8 hours on the phone later no solution still have a 600$ brick with everyone helping me clueless im going tommorw to the istore and im not leaving until my phone is replaced or fixed on the spot and im thinking about persuing legal action against all partys and im contacting the better business bureau asap GOOD LUCK TO ANYONE WHO ALSO GETS THIS PROBLEM i will let u guys know how it goes
  14. Hoosier

    Hoosier New Member

    Same Problem - "No SIM card installed."

    I bought my iPhone yesterday and when I plugged it in to my comp the error message "No SIM card installed." appeared. So I went back to AT&T and got a new SIM card. Same error message. I am now on my third SIM card and am getting fed up. Does anyone have any advice?
  15. dwhinz

    dwhinz New Member

    Hard reset may solve the problem

    I had the same problem. Reading this area I took my iPhone back to the AT&T store. The tech there did the following to reset the device.

    He held down the power switch at the top and the main selection button at the bottom. After a few seconds a new screen came up that said slide to the right to power off. He didn't do that instead he just waited until the silver apple logo came on the screen. Once the phone finished booting the "No Sim" message was gone and I had bars again. No new sim card or reactivation required.
  16. bluelavaguy

    bluelavaguy New Member

    i just was confronted with the same problem. i figured out that if you goto settings and then goto general, then reset at the bottom of the list, and then reset your network settings you can solve to no sim installed problem in like 30 seconds or less. i dont know if there was a problem with your physical sim card but by just resetting the network settings it solved the problem for me.
  17. jake2ba

    jake2ba New Member

    I tried the power reset AND the network settings reset to no avail. Mine still says "no sim card" ...

    I'm curious if the problems are occurring after or because of one of these:

    - Battery drained to power off
    - Synced with wrong account on iTunes
    - Synced before first upgrade (software or firmware)
    - Sync failure due to passcode

    If those who have a similar problem can reply back, I'd appreciate it. I'll be heading over to the AT&T store tomorrow for a new sim card...

    Just to note, my battery was drained, I synced for the first time before setting up my iAccount, the initial sync failed without unlocking the iPhone with my passcode first, and it was using the initial software/firmware, which are now updated - second day failure, still "No sim card installed"
  18. SmartLikaFox

    SmartLikaFox New Member

    Got it

    I was having almost the exact same problem. I tried everything suggested on this page (except go to an AT&T store) and nothing worked. What I did was I turned off my iPhone completely (holding down the sleep and menu buttons for a few seconds and sliding it off) and took out my SIM card. Upon studying my SIM card, I realized that there was a smudge on it, so i VERY gently cleaned the card. Then, before putting the SIM card back in, I turned my iPhone back on, waited about a minuet and put the SIM card back in. It took about 5 seconds and then I got the bars again. So maby these SIM cards problems are just smudges that keep htem from comunicating w/ the iPhone.
  19. jake2ba

    jake2ba New Member


    Just to update my own situation: I went to the AT&T store and got a new sim card. All is well with the new card, and I'm now on my second software upgrade from Apple (2.0.2) with no problems.

    The tech at the AT&T store said that there are bad sim cards sometimes, and the problem can happen at any time in any phone.

    I don't doubt that dirt could cause connection problems, but I wouldn't hang my hat on that being the only cause. More than likely, we're all dealing with a similar issue that has different causes. Bottom line... when in doubt, suspect the card.
  20. antioch

    antioch New Member

    I do not think it's isolated. I have had my phone since Saturday evening, it is now Tuesday evening and it just happened to me. A tad irritating since I just got this phone and was worrying about the thing dying on me (ie: battery, cracking screen, etc), i didn't expect it to be the SIM and now I see it happens to many others.

    JEWISH_GOAT New Member

    Hey from Antioch, CA??

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