Help! iTunes duplicated around 80 gigs!

Discussion in 'iTunes' started by Zacrilege, Dec 9, 2011.

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    Hello! Recently I noticed that iTunes has duplicated almost all of my 50-60 gigs of music files. I went through to "show duplicates" and started deleting the extras one by one for a few hours (and clicked "remove" when prompted) Later, when my CPU restarted and opened iTunes, I noticed all those deleted tracks we're back!

    I went to my music folder where I store all the originals and saw all the duplicates in there too, so I now have a new plan:
    Erase them all manually in their original locations (this should take a week), then uninstall iTunes and reinstall it. Next, under preferences - advanced" I'll make sure iTunes does not create copies in a separate "iTunes music" folder. THEN I'll add my music folder in iTunes and re-sync my iPod.

    Will this work? Any feedback helps. Thanks -Z
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    I feel for you - when I enabled iTunes Match and started replacing files with higher-quality 256kbps AAC files, iTunes did not erase the originals--so I wound up going from 17,000 tracks to well over 29,000...the way to do it right was to go through every single folder, look at the files, and delete the extras. Very painful, took several days of pain, but got the library down to the right size again.

    I think your plan will work.
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