Help I've messed up my new iPod touch

Aug 22, 2008
Hi all,

i really need some help or it may well be £200 down the pan.

Im having major issues with my ipod touch i had jailbroken my ipod touch, and all was working fine till i installed a programme that seemed to delete my installer.

i read then on this site the best way to fix this was to reinstall the jail break with ZiPhone. i Did this and now the phone is stuck on the installing base apps screen with Zorro on it. ive tried everything a hard reset trying to start in DFU mode but it wont work. it keeps loading all the stuff from the jail break and then goes to the zorro screen and then stops thats it.

Can anyone please help im really stuck.

Thanks in advance


New Member
Oct 4, 2008
In short:

- Put your touch in restore mode.

- Go into iTunes.

- Make sure your touch is plugged into your computer.

- iTunes should now detect an iPod Touch in restore mode, And will tell you to restore.

- If necessary, You can rightclick on the 'Restore' button, And select your firmware you would like to restore to. But you must have the firmware downloaded and prepared beforehand.

- Allow your touch to restore. Go make a sandwhich or something, Then come back and it should be done.

- After the restore, Restore a previous backup if needed.

- Now use quickpwn to jailbreak your touch, And your done. :p