Help Jailbreaking for a N00b


New Member
Aug 24, 2008
Hello all. Second post here. I am totally new to all things Apple, and just learning the lingo and such. I would like to "jailbreak" my iPod touch so as to be able to put different apps on it that are not available in the iTunes store.

The iPod touch I purchased has 2.1 firmware if that helps, and is 16gb. It has no speakers or microphone, so I believe it is a "first generation" one. If I am incorrect in any of my assumptions, I apologize.

Now I used my "airmiles" (i am in Canada) to purchase the iPod, and really unfamiliar with all this stuff.

So question is, which software should I use to jailbreak ( a link would be awesome!), which site or thread/link should I follow for directions, and what else do I need to do to get the darn thing unlocked?

Thanks in advance for the help! :)