Help Me Decide Please


Jun 28, 2007
Hi Everyone !
Ever since the original iPhone I've always skipped a generation because I never thought the changes warranteed the new phone. I'm seriously thinking about getting the 5 even though I'll have to pay $649 + a $36 upgrade fee. Aside from the obvious cosmetic changes, bigger screen , LTE, A6 chip, etc., what will I get that the IOS 6 update won't include ? My area in NC doesn't have LTE at this time, so I guess that won't benefit me at the moment. Kind of reminds me of skipping the 3G when that wasn't available in my area either. I have a 64GB 4S right now and have been offered $370 for it from Gazelle, although once you send it into them, it's very rare for them to give you what was quoted. I'm just wondering what features make you guys that already have a 4S take the plunge and shell out the extra dough for the new phone. Thanks in advance for helping me decide. Cheers !
If you elect to pay full price at least sell your 4s on eBay; you'll get way more. Also, jailbreak it and you'll get even more!

I'm eligible for a subsidized upgrade and I'm selling my 4 on eBay both jailbroken and unlocked. AT&T will unlock you if your contract is satisfied.

E Pow

Dec 16, 2008
Cincinnati, OH
I'm eligible for a subsidized upgrade (At&t), so I have to pay an extra $250 on top of the price. Best Buy does trade ins at the store and they are giving me $300 (Best Buy gift card) for my white At&t 32GB iPhone 4S. So if I get the 16GB I will only have to spend $150. I'll be paying less than what I would pay if I was eligible for a full upgrade. I've done this in the past and it's worked out in my favor. Check and see if you are eligible for an subsidized upgrade with your carrier and then sell your phone somewhere and hopefully that will eat up some of your cost. The bigger screen, A6 chip, new camera feature, LTE, and semi-new look (slate on back) is enough reason why I’m getting it.

Michael Baturin

Jul 11, 2007
South Jersey
First sell the iPhone to eBay instant - as of thismorning they were offering $400 for any working iPhone 4S AT&T. Second - definitely get this phone as it is a major update over the 4S. Processor, screen size alone are big jumps.


Aug 7, 2007
I do like the Best Buy Trade in worked very well for me last time and it is usually where I buy movies.