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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by sdkirul, May 4, 2010.

  1. sdkirul

    sdkirul New Member

    hello guys..
    i just bought my iphone last week but frustrated.. because
    1) I can't add a picture on contact name
    2)iTunes don't recognize my i phone (no devise found in iphone panel)
    3)can't setting mms
    maybe i bought a fake or not the original iphone?
  2. fury

    fury Evangelist

    Could be a fake. Does it charge up when you plug it in via USB?

    What does it look like? Can you post pictures of it?

    In general, the genuine iPhones have a simple design, ONE sim card, a non-removable battery, and an Apple model number and FCC ID.

    For example, my 3GS has Model No.: A1303 FCC ID: BCGA1303A IC ID: 579C-A1303A

    Here's a post from the EIC blog about spotting clones:

    Hope that helps
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  4. sdkirul

    sdkirul New Member

    thank you fury.
    yes it charge when i plug in via usb.. it also has only one sim card, a non removable battery and apple model number.. mine is model no: A1241 FCC ID:BCGA1241 IC ID:579C-A1241 AT the back of my phone.. is't maybe this no is fake tooo?..
  5. fury

    fury Evangelist

    That sounds like an iPhone 3G, unless the manufacturer has exactly duplicated the iPhone's casing without regard for actually following FCC procedures, et al...

    So, if it charges when it plugs in, but does not show up in iTunes, it could be an iTunes problem, in that the iTunes/iPhone device support drivers aren't properly installed. Try uninstalling iTunes and reinstalling it. You need at least iTunes 8.2 if I recall correctly. Does the device show up in your Windows Device Manager? (Windows Key + R to bring up the run box, then type devmgmt.msc and browse through your device list looking for Apple iPhone)

    From where did you buy it?
  6. sdkirul

    sdkirul New Member

    i install itunes version 9 the latest one.. i install and uninstalling 2 times.. but same result.. the device show up in windows devics manager as apple i but appear (the driver for this devices are not installed).. i buy it from a cheap sale shop... they said ori..
  7. fury

    fury Evangelist

    The best indicator of whether it is a fake is to use the phone. Is the phone's interface slick and Apple-like? Does it have the iTunes and App Store on it? Can you take a screenshot by holding the home button and then pressing the power button then letting go? (It should flash white)

    How about going to Settings, then General, then About in order to find out information about the phone? An iPhone will give you basic details about it like which version of the carrier software is installed and how many songs, videos, and apps are on it, and what its serial number is.
  8. sdkirul

    sdkirul New Member

    the interface slick and applelike.. but it doesn't have the itunes and app store on it.. about the screenshot i don't know how.. basic details is different to what you had company name, usable content, total content, version (I835s_V1_1_5), edit time, bt name, BT address and Phone MAC address.. hmmm.. mine is fake....arghhhhhhhh...
  9. fury

    fury Evangelist

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