Help, my iPhone 4 just died

Discussion in 'iPhone 4' started by AkRotts, Dec 11, 2010.

  1. AkRotts

    AkRotts Member

    My iPhone 4 just died and I don't have a clue why. I was listening to music on it in the car about 30 minutes ago. Brought it in the house with me, set it down on the counter and didn't touch it again until my husband called me on the house phone and asked me why I wasnt answering my cell. I picked up my iPhone and it was off. I tried turning it back on, plugging it in and nothing. It was fully charged, so I know it's not a dead battery. It is totally dead:mad: I don't know what to do.:confused:

    Anyone have any suggestions? I am thinking I am just going to have to send it in, but am kind of hoping someone here might have a suggestion on something I can do.
  2. IllusionEntity

    IllusionEntity Evangelist

    Hold down the power + home button until the Apple logo pops up! :) Works every time for me :)
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  4. btitus

    btitus Contributor

    Yep, mine "died" the other and I did what the previous poster said and it up and running in a matter of minutes!

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  5. AkRotts

    AkRotts Member

    Thank you!!!!! I had originally tried that a couple times and it didn't work. After your suggestion I went ahead and tried again and kept doing it for almost 2 minutes, but it finally came back on. THANK YOU :)

    I was really panicked at the thought of being without my beloved iPhone for any length of time. The last 15 minutes have been HELL. LOL
  6. IllusionEntity

    IllusionEntity Evangelist

    My 3GS did it ages ago and I thought it was the end of the line. If it ever just "dies" for no reason. Just hold 'em down until it works. Works everytime :) Unless of course your iPhone actually died ;)
  7. HUNTER1

    HUNTER1 Member

    I had few situations like that with 3GS and iPhone 4. All of a sudden it's black screen and panic at the same time it's not a good feeling. Rebooting always done the job though.
  8. owieh

    owieh Contributor

    I could definitely vouch for this, a force restart works well! :D

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