HELP: My iPhone will not jailbreak anymore

Jul 30, 2007
i think something is wrong with my phone. when i use ifuntastic to add ringtones i would jailbreak. but as soon as i get the yellow sign saying please connect to iTunes, jailbreak tells me it failed. my phone is connecting to iTunes but when i do restore, it says 5 minutes later after the whole process that it could not restore, (although it did, all the songs and data were deleted and i can sync them all back). so i don't know if this is what people are experiencing from the iTunes update. if so, are there any suggestions how to add ringtones using a mac computer? i thought ifuntastic was great but maybe theres other good programs i have to try. but maybe the phone just cant take incoming data however it can be synced....


New Member
Sep 3, 2007
There are other ways, but you are probably looking for an easy method. As some other methods require you to install ssh and sftp into the iPhone and copy the ringtones over to /var/root/Library/Ringtones.

- Garrett