Help, my iPhone won't sync music!

Discussion in 'iTunes' started by lhamlin, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. lhamlin

    lhamlin New Member

    Feb 24, 2008
    My iPhone syncs my contacts, calendar and even my downloaded podcasts but no matter what I try it will not sync my music or downloaded TV shows. I have tried everything. Can someone help please?
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  2. mulligan22

    mulligan22 New Member

    Mar 2, 2008
    Same problem

    I have the exact same problem. If anyone has the answer, please let me know. Thanks

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  4. dturner

    dturner Zealot

    Dec 15, 2007
    Have you checked the sync music and all songs and playlist and TV shows boxes in iTunes?
  5. mulligan22

    mulligan22 New Member

    Mar 2, 2008
    Playlist is checked

    Yes, I checked the playlist and all of the songs have a check mark in them. I phone syncs everything but never gets to music. Just says the sync is finished.:(

  6. dturner

    dturner Zealot

    Dec 15, 2007
    I figured you did, but it is a common oversight so I thought I would ask. Unless someone else jumps in with an idea, I would delete iTunes and download again. Reboot computer and try another sync.
  7. mulligan22

    mulligan22 New Member

    Mar 2, 2008
    I guess I can try that. I did do an upgrade for iTunes before trying the first sync. I will do it and see what happens. It is funny because when I plug my iPhone into my mac iTunes open right away and the other syncs start.
  8. Andy Wise

    Andy Wise New Member

    Nov 26, 2008
    I just solved this exact problem

    I realised that I had to check all of the songs in my core iTunes music folder as if i was selecting them to be played.

    When I synched my music from there it worked fine. Bug I think but this seemed to work.
  9. krmwagner

    krmwagner New Member

    Jan 23, 2009
    Thanks Andy

    Thank you so much for your post. You solved my problem. Ever since I updated iTunes I was not able to sync my music or audiobooks, everything
    else was fine. Your post saved me pulling out more of my hair. It worked great. Thanks again.
  10. Daniel0

    Daniel0 New Member

    Dec 7, 2009

    Ok; after 6 hours of all sorts of crap and dealing with 'mac reps' i have found a solution,

    A reason as to why I believe this problem occurs;
    You just like I have, may have unwitting done one of several things to cause problems between iTunes>windows and or iPhone.
    -Recently upgraded to windows 7 (causing you to have to re-authorize a new phone and thus overwriting previous music/other files) << MY problem
    -Upgraded to new iTunes
    -Re-authorized your iPhone for some reason, having more than 1/5 allowable authorizations on it (mac sucks)

    Anyway let me get to the problem/solution
    I recently upgraded to windows 7 and thereforee upon installing iTunes it required me to add the new computer on my iTunes as authorized. Anyway this sucks but i did it and thus had to overwrite all previous files.

    Now, Ontop of having to do this, I have several other issues with the iPhone,
    1. Whenever i plug it into any usb port it no longer launches iTunes (fail)
    2. iTunes recognizes the phone BUT does not Sync Music files even tho it did it once only after I reauthorized the phone.
    There are several others but these are 2 most important ones to your problems.

    Have not found a solution to the iTunes not launching when pluging into usb, don't really care anymore...

    Ok here it is,
    1. Plug in the cruddy iPhone, and it will show up and try to sync, cancel that nonesense cause it wont do anything anyway.
    2. Once its canceled click ure iPhone, Click MUSIC and then DE-Click the music box, a very funky message will pop up saying that it will remove ALL your Music files only from your iPhone <<< YOU WANT THIS
    3. Once it deletes all your playlists from your iPhone and music, manually remove ure 'Albums' from your Music library, I know it sucks if you have a lot
    4. Manually remove all your playlists on the left side
    5. ONCE You have 0 music in ure IPOD on ure iPhone ure good to go
    6. The problem occurs when you add a FOLDER to your music library << thereforee you must add A File only
    7. CLICK add new file to music Library > it will ask you to browse, once it does that open wherever your music files are and select all of them by highlighting it and click open
    8. Once all of them are added to ure music library go back to ure iPhone and Music and then click SYNC, it will tell you it will add the music etc etc.
    9. It should start syncing, if you noticed before it just said SYNCING at the top, now it will actually say... Syncing file 1-95 or 1-199 depends how many you have.

    The moral of the story is that,
    Mac sucks for creating iTunes, because they are extremely attempting to moderate the amount of 'downloadable' music you add to ure iPhone, I am trying to open the programing for it to see if there is some type of hidden blockaged on syncing, cause it appears that if you already have co-existing music files and add new ones to ure music library it tends to glitch.

    I hope your problem is fixed, cause this works...


  11. Daniel0

    Daniel0 New Member

    Dec 7, 2009

    This is an addon to my post above,

    It appears that the problem occurs because there is a glitch in the Music Library on iTunes, at any one time ONCE you sync your iPhone once with lets say 20 songs, and then you add more to your music library it will not sync the new music like it should.

    Solution, like I said above, delete every file out of Music Libray, once you delete em all it will say that since you have no files it will sync this to any ipod/iPhone which will mean that you lose any music files you have on your iPhone.

    So what you have to do is add your old 20 songs lets say and your new 10 songs to your music library, then it will add 30 for you.
    And each time you wana add new music you have to do this, not everyone has to do this just people who are having the music syncing issue, im pretty sure it has something to do with the authorization of the computer/iPhone.

    But that works for now,
    I had 90 songs, added 50 new ones to my music library, tried to sync and still had 90 after... Even though my music library said 140 songs it was not syncing, so i had to manually delete the songs from music library, got my music deleted off my iPhone, then added 140 songs at once to music library and it added all of em.

    BTW, Apple staff doesn't know of a solution for this problem nor do they think it is a problem, their solution is to re-install iTunes which does not work.
  12. The sync settings can be tweaked from within iTunes. Once your iPhone is connected, and appears in the left hand pane (like your iPod), click on the iPhone icon itself (not the reveal triangle or the subcategories below it). In the right hand pane, you will see a number of tabs dealing with how iTunes updates the different content on your iPhone. If you click on the 'music' tab, you can select all music, or some to be synced. You must remember to click 'apply' in the bottom right hand corner.
    Don't forget to select automatically sync on the first page too.
  13. BrownGem

    BrownGem Zealot

    Feb 27, 2009
    Sometimes it is better to set it to manually sync only checked items instead of autosync whenever you connect your phone. On the music tab when connected you could try sync selected playlists instead of sync all music. You should not have to go through all of that just to add new music.
  14. hansede

    hansede New Member

    Feb 16, 2010
    My Simpler Solution

    The problem:

    I believe the problem arose because of a failed sync. I had cancelled the sync on my iPod, and my iPod thought it was ready to be unplugged, but iTunes froze up when I cancelled the sync and after a few minutes I just killed the iTunes process from the task manager. After restarting iTunes, everything would sync just fine except for my music library. At first my music library would sync about 10 albums from my library (out of hundreds), but after trying a few different sync settings it just stopped syncing music altogether. I tried selecting songs to sync manually, I tried syncing all music, I tried syncing by genre or by artist, but nothing worked.

    The solution:

    After giving up for a while, I came back later and noticed that there was an exclamation mark next to every song in my library. If I tried playing a song, it would play just fine and the exclamation mark would disappear. I spent the next 15 minutes going through my library playing every song by pressing down + enter repeatedly in the list of all songs. Once I had all exclamation marks cleared, I tried to sync again and this time it worked. All songs now sync correctly. I don't know if this is the cause of anyone else's problems, but it seems that if iTunes marks a file as unplayable then it won't attempt to sync it to your iPod. If you can convince iTunes that the song is playable (and clear the exclamation point) then iTunes will sync it to your iPod.

    I hope this helps someone! :eek:k:eek:k
  15. hollowtek

    hollowtek New Member

    Feb 28, 2010
    Same thing happened to me. I tried everything and found that this worked for me:

    Uncheck all of the sync boxes on your iTunes (music, appls, movies, ringtones, etc) > SYNC > REMOVE ALL (YES) > Re-sync iPhone with your playlist or whatever you wanted on your phone from iTunes > Proceed to kneeling in admiration to my greatness.

    iTunes V. 9.03
    iPhone 3GS 16GB V. 9.1.2
  16. jameela5

    jameela5 New Member

    Jun 5, 2010
    daniel's way totally worked for me! thankkksss daniel! =) i signed up on this thing just to say thank you to you. lol.
  17. GreekGeek

    GreekGeek New Member

    Jul 6, 2009
    The root problem is that Apple's solution for syncing to multiple computers (say a work machine and a home office machine) are, just like Apple, a walled garden. If you want to play outside that garden you need to know a bit more about computers (i.e. not a traditional Mac user more a Linux/Windows user).

    That said I had this problem, but it arose not because I messed up my current computers library but because I have two computers I sync to AND I use media monkey to load music (which is SO much better than iTunes but I still have to use the crummy software for apps etc). Anyway behold:


    Any time I upgrade my machine at home I just share the hex key from my primary library. I'm sure Apple will one day discover this, Steve Jobs will freak out that someone has escaped the garden (as he always does, that's the culture at Apple our way or your screwed). Just to spite the few people who use this he'll mandate the developers reverse the storage of the hex key to big-endian (reverse order) or encode it some way so people can't easily find it and thereforee leave his walled garden. He's so funny but most control freaks are...
  18. raef02

    raef02 New Member

    Jun 23, 2010
    What do you mean check all songs on the core iTunes music folder? Are you using a MAC or PC?
  19. iPhoneObsessed

    iPhoneObsessed New Member

    May 9, 2007
    Thank you so much hansede! Your simple solution worked like a charm! I feel like such an idiot... they really need to make that "!" symbol bigger! I don't know if this helps anyone else out, but I would definitely look for the "!" symbol first before removing all songs. :)
  20. midocw

    midocw New Member

    Aug 31, 2010
    HOLLOWTEK... Worked for me! very easy and fast! thank you!
  21. grasshopper1970

    grasshopper1970 New Member

    Oct 21, 2010
    Syncing music

    Hi Guys. Had the same problem. Needed to delete some music from the iPhone due to lack of space. I am currently packing the "dinosaur" 2G 8GB. Unchecked the song titles in the iTunes music library, synced, but to no avail. EVENTUALLY, I deleted the same unchecked songs within iTunes, synced and presto, it worked! Hope this helps..

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