Help - my iPhone won't sync music!

Discussion in 'iTunes' started by lhamlin, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. Jason Quigley

    Jason Quigley New Member

    Worked for me many thanks, was trying to fix my wifes phone, having to delete her games and all her music was a daunting request. Hey ho it worked many thanks
  2. If you go to click on the device link from the left-hand side pane within the iTunes main window.

    Then go to Music tab and select Sync Music and All music (or Everything - i do not remember this second one) - they have to be both checked. Then sync your device once more, and you will have your music synced to your device.
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  4. Jay Love

    Jay Love New Member

    guys solution is REALLY SIMPLE
    1) go to your IPOD SUMMARY
    2) scroll down to options
    3) check the box "manually manage music"

    hope it helps
  5. Marissa Evans

    Marissa Evans New Member

    I'm having the same problem and none of these answers seem to be helping. I have the new iPhone 4s and I have windows 7 and the most recent iTunes I update it every time it tells me too ! I've tried everyones solutions and spent 3 hours on the phone with Apple Care ! If anyone has any solutions on how to get my iTunes music to sync to my iPhone please please help me ! Thank you.
  6. johnstodder

    johnstodder New Member

    My iPhone 4s synced just fine until I attempted to get rid of about 50 duplicates that appeared in the iPhone but not iTunes. I followed some advice on another thread on this forum to go on the iphone to Settings>Usage>Music and delete the music. At that point my collection of about 4400 songs shrank to about 284 songs, mostly just songs I'd bought on iTunes on that iPhone. I have not been able to get the songs back. I've tried various solutions on this thread, the ones that seem relevant anyway... no change. The sync screen recognizes that there are 4400 songs in my library, finds room for them, but then doesn't sync them. I was annoyed at the duplicates, but I would have happily lived with them as opposed to losing almost all access to my music on the iPhone. Any ideas?
  7. Europa

    Europa Moderator

    If you're still able to see the 4,400 songs in iTunes on the computer, try unsyning all of your music on the phone and then resyncing it. Make sure the boxes next to each song are checked if you have 'sync only checked music' checked.
  8. johnstodder

    johnstodder New Member

    Europa, I tried that. It didn't work. I have worked around it, sort of, by using this as a spur to sign onto iTunes Match. But I now realize that if I'm away from wi-fi and don't want to use data charges to listen to music, I have to manually download each song I want to hear on the iPhone while I'm in reach of wi-fi, so it's not really a solution.
  9. Russell

    Russell New Member

    I was having the same issue, receiving a prompt saying certain songs could not be found. If you look at your library on the left hand side and have songs with an exclamation mark to the left then those are the songs causing problems. I have 1TB of music that I have stored on an external hard drive that is then transferred to Itunes. All I had to do was plug in my external hard drive so that Itunes could locate the songs. Good luck!
  10. c87joseph

    c87joseph New Member

    My problem may not relate to the solved topic, but I got this readily in google while trying to solve problem. I had the same issue with an iphone. I have this old 8gb iphone, when I tried to sync the thing on a pc using 7, it would not sync at all. I deleted all the exsisting song files, I changed the sync options, I did everything itunes would spit at me when I tried to sync it in it's stupid warnings, nothing worked. I did finally figure something out that worked for me without messing with a bunch of files or anything tedious...

    Now I don't know why, (and I doubted from that start apple's tech support for anything outdated would be good so I didn't even bother with that) but itunes would sync no songs at all, checked or not. returded. sync and auto sync would not sync music. what would work retardedly, is highlighting all all songs you want synced in your library, and actually physically click and drag them to your devices tab in your left side bar. I don't claim to know much about apple products. I think that it's way over trendy and way way over priced. Anything from them feels like a little high priced electronic bum constantly asking me for change. . . .

    That being said, I may be overlooking something super simple here, but with any ipod I had the sync process was upfront and syncing would install music with any simple problem solved with a simple adjustment. In this case, it does not seem the solution was nor upfront or even something anyone would try unless they sat down and smoked marijuana. In any case, this may work for you. I don't know why...
  11. I agree. The initial problem however was that the person could not sync anything from his iTunes library to his iPhone. I think that was already resolved though.
  12. angelica56745823

    angelica56745823 New Member

    All you have to do is go into your itunes>devices>your iphone/ipod>music(at the too where summary, info, apps, etc. is)>click sync music
  13. pthomas

    pthomas New Member

    I bought a new computer of course and now if I sync my I phone with my computer it will delete all my songs. I moved all my music to a external hard drive but the pain it will be to associate it with iTunes is ridicules.
  14. Europa

    Europa Moderator

    Actually, it's a piece of cake. You don't have to import them individually. You can drag the entire music folder into iTunes or you can go to File > Add to library (see screenshot below). Then sync your phone in iTunes and the music will be added to it.

  15. mobi900

    mobi900 New Member

    Thank you Daniel0 the share the information

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