Help no sync after upgrading to 7.5 lost it all


New Member
Nov 5, 2007
hi i am new to the forum but only with problems so here it is. i just installed the new 7.5 iTunes on my win xp machine and after doing so i was prompted to restart well i didn't and i was doing something else so i was like well i can wait well i went to resore my phone and it went to sync back up with nothing! probably cause of me not restarting my comp i had everything on that **** phone so much for syncing being the easy way to backup i even had pin to get my rebate on my phone in the notes so yay theres my rebate since Apple clearly stated they arent responsible.

anyone with an idea i would greatly appriciate it
also i have most of the files that when doing the resore and upgrade that were deleted so if you have any idea leme know

only reason im posting in here was cause i did the stupid one click link the jailbreak and then my phone didn't repsone charge or sync to the laptop.