HELP! Phone died


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Oct 24, 2007
I purchased my iPhone 6 weeks ago, it was not hacked at all , no unlock or 3rd party stuff and was running on the lastest software. Yesterday morning I get to work and plug it in to my comuter to cahrge it then after 5 minutes i get a notification that says, phone cant make or receive calls...I turn it off then on and its normal, i make calls and text people and receive texts back then again it says the same thing I get no service and gives me a warning repair needed. I turn it off then on and its fine, this happned back and forth a few times. Im watching my iTunes screen on my computer then all of a sudden all the phone info on iTunes comupter screen, just reads and says iPhone, on all lines, the serial number line, telephone number, line, description line just read 'iPhone". then my phone goes black with an Apple logo then the main iPhone icon screen for a few times. then its goes white with line going up and down with ghosts images of the icons then dies. I get an errors codeon iTunes screen ( don't remember the code) then iTunes says cant recognize.

My phone is dead, does nothing, tried resetting it holding both bottons down for a long time, over 10 minutes its just dead. iTunes doesn't read it at all, its like the phone isn't connected. I called Apple tech told them what happened, have a case number and have an appt with the genius bar close by tonight.

Just now, my dead phone was on my desk and it fell down on the tile floor and it just got a small crack near the rt upper hand cornerof the screen. Damn im so livid now, it just fell what 3 feet and knwo this, it fell rt on the corner

Now what....tonight i have dead phone, which they knew of and its documented with Apple tech i have an appt at the genius bar and now my phone has a crack.

Will they not even care about my initial, I guess software glitch, now that it has a crack?

Please help what can i do, what are my options, what do you think will happen at the Apple store tonight.

Anything will be apprectiated anf helpful



Jun 21, 2007
San Francisco
Wow, that's rough :(

I think your Apple Store experience depends a lot on what kind of Genius you get hooked up with and how well (and calmly) you present your case.

Since they never saw the phone when you got your case number, there is always a chance that they will try to blame the phone problems on the drop, but you might get lucky.