Help! This is driving me mad!


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Jul 11, 2008
All of a sudden my ipod has gone funny on my iPhone in coverflow. For example I have two albums 'Celine Dion - A New Day Has Come' and 'Mariah Carey - Glitter', which flicking through cover flow they look in perfect order. But should I click on the Celine Dion album I get the first song on the album, then track 2 is the first song on Mariah's Glitter album. Track 3 is the 2nd on Celines and the 4th is 2nd on Mariahs. They alternate till both albums have run out of tracks. It is driving me mad why this is happening? I have had this happen on Greatest Hits albums but these album titles are totally different. It is not just these two albums it is happening on a lot of them, this is just an example. In iTunes they are displayed fine and they are displayed fine in artist mode. Please, please can someone help me. I also have one of the albums on my ipod that is 3 albums in one so I get 1 take that song, 1 Celine and 1 Roxette. I have read a lot of posts regarding wrong cover art but I've never seen anyone
mention the combined album problems.

I have already deleted all the songs off my iPhone and synced again. No difference except sometimes it's different albums that are now combined.


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Dec 11, 2007
You must call , 1800 578 6546
and once the call has reached 20 seconds hold down the
number icon and the mute icon at the same time
then end the call
Than shake your iPhone 2 times in a lateral motion
LATERAL ! only
This will restore your ipod to perfect order


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Dec 12, 2008
I think I would just solve the problem by permanently deleting all the Mariah Carey and Celine Dion songs ;)

Seriously though, is anything strange showing up when you click on the info tabs in iTunes for those songs?

If not, you could always just restoring it to factory settings and then resync your media back on. That would be more likely to fix it than what you have already tried.