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Discussion in 'iPad' started by MarlaE, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. MarlaE

    MarlaE New Member

    I just downloaded HandBrake to copy my kids' movies to the iPad and it doesn't seem to be working correctly.... As soon as I click on the source (the DVD), it starts processing and all the other buttons gray out so I can't select titles, chapter, destination file, etc, as instructed. It whirs along and says it's processing titles for about 45 minutes, then spontaneously stops and closes the program. No copy of the movie anywhere, and when I re-open HandBrake, it starts fresh with no record of having transferred anything. Any ideas??
  2. Santa

    Santa Evangelist

    I don't have my DVD drive with me so I can't try to replicate. First question: are these commercial DVDs? If so, you need to remove the copy protection before you can use Handbrake.
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  4. MarlaE

    MarlaE New Member

    Thanks, Santa. Yes, they are commercial, and I learned on another site that I could use AnyDVD to open them up. Working just fine now!

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